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Amazon EC2 and “4gb seg fixup”

Tonight I spent two hours banging on an EC2 instance that suddenly went awry. I was adding SSL to a couple of internal applications we host on this instance when my “apache2ctl configtest” command hung. I tried all sorts of … Continue reading

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Bundling EC2 Instances and EBS

As I mentioned in the last post, I’m working on hosting email accounts on Amazon EC2. I am experimenting with mounting /var on an EBS volume so my database, logs, etc. will survive the failure of an instance.  The idea is … Continue reading

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Amazon EBS Snapshot Backups with LVM and XFS

I’m working on setting up a server to host email accounts on Amazon EC2 using the newly released Elastic Block Storage.  My benchmarking has shown XFS to be better than ReiserFS for this task – and presumably EXT3, but I ran … Continue reading

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