Boot EC2 Instances from an EBS volume

Shlomo Swidler has a great writeup on booting an EC2 instance from an EBS drive. In my case I wanted to run our development server only during business hours, and possibly only when someone actually needs it.  This way we can save both money and time by running a faster instance type (think Rails unit tests), but only for 1/3 of the time.  Since the EBS volume persists across instances, any software upgrades and configuration changes will persist as well.

I’ve been thinking I should figure this out for a while, but it seems Mr. Swidler figured it out for me.  Thanks!

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  1. Shlomo says:

    I’m glad you found the article helpful.

    As I mention in the article, I synthesized the pieces of the solution presented by AWS forum users into a step-by-step how-to. “Shoulders of giants…”

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