Got my Canon Rebel T2i – and VigLink

I caved and bought the Canon Rebel T2i with a 10% off coupon from Best Buy.  And I let them talk me into getting their 4 year accidental damage warranty for another $200.  Which actually seems like a pretty decent deal.  Think they’ll cover whatever lens I have attached if it breaks?

credit: chris runoff (flickr)

So yes, this is kind of a random post, but it serves a purpose.  I’ve embedded links to Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H to test out VigLink, which is supposed to make all your links into affiliate links.  They take a 25% cut but claim they negotiate better affiliate commissions to make up for it.  Sounds like a win-win and maybe a better way for bloggers to make money, as long as they don’t start shamelessly promoting products with stealth affiliate links.

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