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Asterisk: Automatically Update externip When Your IP Address Changes

I got tired of updating Asterisk’s externip setting every time my IP address changed, so I wrote this quick script, saved as /usr/local/bin/asterisk_update_externip: #!/bin/bash ip_url=”” oldip=`grep externip /etc/asterisk/sip.conf |sed ‘s/;.*//’ |grep -v ^$ |sed s/.*=\ *//` ip=`curl -s “$ip_url” |head … Continue reading

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VOIP Routing for Non-US, 10-Digit NANPA Numbers in Asterisk

I got my AT&T bill this morning with $150 in long distance charges for calls to Canada. After cursing AT&T under my breath I resolved not to let this happen again.  Knowing AT&T charges exorbitant rates for international calls ($1.39/minute to Canada? … Continue reading

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Nagios Plugin to Check Memory

After a search for a check_memory plugin for Nagios turned up only a Korn shell script, I quickly wrote the following in Ruby for Linux, which I hereby release into the public domain.   Why?  All my servers have Ruby, … Continue reading

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Microsoft Word Template for Window Envelopes

Here is a template for Word that will put the addresses in the right place when printed and placed in a #10 window envelope.  Here’s how to use it: Enter your return address and the recipient’s address in the boxes … Continue reading

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FaceFeeder Turns Your Facebook News Feed Into an Atom Feed

Here it is, my first Google App:  FaceFeeder.  I thought it would be nice to be able to see my Facebook news feed in Google Reader and there didn’t seem to be any way to do it, so I wrote … Continue reading

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The Problem with eFax

Maybe I’m the last person to find this out, but just in case you’re about to go through the hassle of signing up for eFax, let me save you the trouble.  eFax is crap! Here’s why: Faxes Forced to be … Continue reading

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Got my Canon Rebel T2i – and VigLink

I caved and bought the Canon Rebel T2i with a 10% off coupon from Best Buy.  And I let them talk me into getting their 4 year accidental damage warranty for another $200.  Which actually seems like a pretty decent … Continue reading

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Crist creates oil spill recovery task force

The South Florida Business Journal reports that Charlie Crist “has issued an executive order creating an economic recovery task force whose job will be to help Florida businesses and industries recover from losses associated with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.” … Continue reading

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PuTTY SSH / Windows Clipboard Integration

Getting text out of your SSH sessions can be annoying.  If it fits in a screen, I usually just select the text in PuTTY to copy it– no big deal.  Otherwise, I have to either email it to myself or … Continue reading

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Converting iPhone 3GS Videos to play on Samsung Blu-ray Player

Wow, the iPhone 3GS takes nice videos!  I recently made a quick video of Murphy at the dog park and noticed that it looks great even full-screen on my 20″ monitor at work.  I was curious how it would look … Continue reading

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